India is projected to become the worlds 3rd largest economy by 2025. The Indian middle class is estimated to be 250 million increasing to 550 million by 2025. The food and grocery market is the 6th largest in the world valued at US$435 billion. There has never been a better time to consider exporting to India.

There is demand for a range of goods and services from Australia in India including foods and beverages, education, agricultural services and healthcare.

Australia is a reputation in India as a producer of high quality ‘clean and green’ premium foods and beverages. There are markets in India for the following foods and beverages:

• Fresh produce: fruits, vegetables, nuts
• Meat: lamb, chicken, port, goat, seafood
• Beverages: juices, waters, wine, beer
• Processed Foods; Jams, Cheese, Honey, Pasta, Bakery goods, packaged meats and vegetables and meals, breakfast cereals, health foods, baby foods, sauces, condiments, oils, margarine, dairy.

The imported food industry is shifting from trading to professional brand management, distribution and marketing, importers are increasingly looking to represent foreign exporters in India. Key importers are located in cities such are concentrated in New Delhi and Mumbai.

There are a number of new regulatory requirements for food and beverage importers which need to be addressed prior to commencing export however once these are addressed the opportunities are immense.

Food and Beverage Export Groups US$ 2015

Total Imports              Imports from Australia

Meat, Fish Seafood                              252,785,414  . .              215,236

Fresh Fruits and Nuts                        1,178,664,1                    2,141,341

Vegetables                                             1,021,357,761               6,416,629

Dairy, Honey Eggs                               262,169,766                   2,986,555

Cereals                                                   4,226,836,566               41,021,975

Malt, Starches, Wheat Gluten           158,560,335                     7,496,293

Sugar and Confectionary                   861,066,205                     3,289,486

Cereal, Flour, Starch, Milk, Pastry
Cook preparations and products     307,372,070                      2,112,134

Vegetable, Fruit and Nut Products  549,962,666                       11,926,894

Wine and Spirits                                23,878,772                           164,094

Beer                                                       25,111,927                            100,085

Waters sweetened and unsweetened  11,371,985                      430,505

Fruit and Vegetable Juice                      82,098,582                       232,459

India is an untapped market with boundless opportunities for Australian exporters.

(Source: UNComtrade Statistics 2016)

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